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Project 9b START-UP!

Project 9b, born from "Nine-tailed Fox" myth in Nasu.Manga Artist, Akira Himekawa Artistic Direction

Legend of the nine-tailed fox

"Project 9b" is a new project to promote tourism and share information with visitors of Nasu.
Art Director Akira Himekawa, world-famous Manga Artist and illustrator, reimagined the historical
motifs of the Nine-tailed Fox into a modern characterization, which was then animated using AR(augmented reality) and motion picture.
The Nine-tailed Fox and the characters born from its nine tails will serve as tour guides for
exploring Nasu, showing visitors all there is to discover and delight in.

The Nine-tailed Fox is a symbol of the power and mystery of Nasu. In order to bring the myth of Nasu's great nature back to life, Akira Himekawa helped launch this project. Seiichi
Tanaka, Vice Director of Tetsuya Chiba MANGA Innovation Research Laboratory, served as supervising editor.

The next time you visit Nasu, the Nine-tailed Fox will welcome you - in the forest, at the waterfront, or in the shadow of the stone...

Discover all the amazing things Nasu has to offer! Our brand-new project lets you experience Nasu using your phone to interact with our character guides, collect your memories, and win prizes!

Project 9b

1.Download the app to have the Nine-tailed Fox characters be your storytellers!
2.Take photos of your experiences and add our animated characters!
3.Take the Mobile Stamp Rally Challenge by collecting all the Nine-tailed Fox characters!

Starting from April, 2018

Project system

Art Director : Akira Himekawa/ Manga Artist, Illustrator


Planning partner/Editor
Seiichi Tanaka / Vice-director of Tetsuya Chiba Manga innovation research laboratory

Nasu Tourism Assositation

Producer(AR/motion picture)
AID Co.,Ltd.

Nasu Town
Tochigi Prefecture (Tochigi Destination Campaign)
Ministry of the Environment Government of Japan